Unstuck Bootcamp Day 10


Unstuck Bootcamp Day 10

Posted by Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch on Friday, January 17, 2020

Oil of the night: Humility

Young Living says “Humility” oil is helpful for obtaining forgiveness. This soothing combination of oils brings balance to your heart and mind, enabling you to find a peaceful place where healing can begin. Gary Young says true humility is the foundation of emotional strength.

Humility was blended to promote forgiveness, humbleness and humility.

When we resist changing, we stay stuck in our relationships and situations. If we stay open and release negative emotions, we can move forward to a place of acceptance. There are 11 oils in this blend. Frankincense helps you relax. Rose oil brings a sense of well being. Myrrh brings you to that quiet place for healing. Geranium brings balance to the creative and emotional sides of the brain. Ylang Ylang is for confidence and equilibrium. Melissa—good for stress. Neroli- brings you to a place emotionally where you’re willing to let go. Coriander helps support healthy assimilation of thoughts—helps you process things. This is important when making choices and moving forward with plans. Northern Lights Black Spruce inspires us to reach for the sky and live our potential. Vetifer brings you back to nature. It’s a grounding oil high in sequiterpenes. Bergamot relaxes you during stress.

Documented uses of Humility oil: agitation, anger, feeling argumentative, frustration, irritability, jealousy, obsessiveness, resentment, spiritual quietness, and stress

Emotional uses: Helps release the emotions that you’re not good enough. Helps release bitterness. This brings feelings of self-worth, contentment, humility and faith. It also helps when you are emotionally exhausted from beating yourself up and being self-critical. It will teach you to love yourself and be proud of your own accomplishments.

Put this oil on the crown of your head and over the heart—I also love the back of the neck.

How do you apply it to a business?

This oil is really good for doing things that scare you. When your head is ready for change, you do things you never thought you would do!

Homework: Read Chapters 22 and 23 of the Unstuck book

Complete the Unstuck Workbook worksheets for Chapters 22 and 23

Quote of the night: “I was thinking of you after our conversation, and I really think this may help. (Opening sentences to use in follow up).” Sarah Harnisch, Unstuck.

Topics covered in Bootcamp Day 10:

  • 12 million Americans listen to podcasts– 1 in 3 of us
  • When they listen to podcasts, they listen to the end
  • Textable classes WORK!
  • Purple bags are amazing because funneling to a tool works
  • Tools can say more than you can in a small space
  • How to use tools effectively
  • The foundation of the relationship must be there in purple bag and textable classes
  • Collect their contact information, or all your work was for naught

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