How to Run a Gameplan Bootcamp Day 1

Here we go! It’s the kickoff to the GAMEPLAN BOOTCAMP!

How To Run A Gameplan Boot camp Day 1 As soon as you are done with this, pop over here and watch Bootcamp Day 1!

Posted by Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch on Monday, January 7, 2019

Share your deepest hopes and your deepest doubts with me. Because you are enough. And I believe that if you wake up every day with that deep why right in front of you, you have a reason to fight for this business.

Let’s walk this– together. Here’s day 1:

You are not too late! Grab your books here:

Gameplan Appendixes and More: A Tribute to Gary Young

If you have missed the Appendixes in Gameplan, you’ve missed the meat of the entire book. Appendix A, the 101 Script, is the same script that got Sarah to Diamond in a little over two years. Practice it in the mirror, practice it in front of your mom and best friend, then try it out in a class. Sarah read the script 288 times— and on 289, she was a Diamond. It’s about passion and sharing your story, but it’s also about being duplicatable so you can find leaders.

In this final bootcamp video, Sarah runs through how to get every drop out of the Gameplan Appendixes—from closing scripts to Teacher Trainings and assembly of Purple Bags. She ends with a powerful tribute to D. Gary Young, the one that started her whole oils journey.

May you enjoy this special final video that’s exclusive content to the 2nd edition of Gameplan. Sarah can’t wait to hug you on the Diamond stage! If you have made it this far, you have what it takes! Teach, train, repeat… and you are there.

God bless you on the journey.


Gameplan Appendixes

Posted by Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch on Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gameplan Bootcamp Day 12

Welcome to Day 12, The Final Day of Gameplan Bootcamp!

Chapters 23, 24, and 25: Avoiding Distractions, Encouragement for the Climb, and Cheat Sheet to go from Starter Kit to Silver

Gameplan Bootcamp Day 12

Posted by Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch on Saturday, July 28, 2018

“Don’t get distracted–the faster you rank, the more people you can help!” – Sarah Harnisch

“Comparison will kill you. Don’t rate your beginning by someone else’s middle.” – Sarah Harnisch

“Believe alongside me that this can happen to you, too!” – Sarah Harnisch

Oils of the training: Sarah’s favorite business oil: Highest Potential. Also: Build Your Dream, Sacred Frankincense, Sacred Sandalwood. Oola Grow, Believe, and Present Time.

You have made it to the final day! When you have completed this video and read the book and finished the workbook, you have finished the hardest training in all of Young Living. You have the equivalent of a unofficial college degree in network marketing, without the student loans. These twelve videos truly sum up every single thing that Sarah did to make Diamond in 2.5 years from her starter kit. If you can implement the tools you have learned, master the art of the relationship and listening to people and meeting their needs—training the lifestyle over the starter kit and building duplication into your leaders using Gameplan training, you have every ounce of what you need to go Diamond. Now, it’s time to move!!

The Oil Ability Team is so very proud of you for making it this far! At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a Gameplan certificate. Print it out and sign it for your leaders that have completed the training. If you are coming to a Gameplan event, bring your book (the certificate is in the back) and ask Sarah to sign it for you after the event. She always does.

What do we cover today?

Avoid the pitfalls that will sabotage your business (or slow you down as you try to rank.) Sarah knows each one well– and how to avoid them– because she made every mistake! It’s how Gameplan was birthed, by hundreds of mistakes. Today’s video will clarify your vision and bring all that you’ve learned in the last 11 days into focus, helping you see where you are at and what is YOUR next step. Sarah addresses the mindset you will need to maintain to move forward, and shares stories of success from the Oil Ability Team to inspire your Young Living journey!


  1. Read Chapters Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, and Twenty-Five of Gameplan
  2. Complete Chapters 23, 24, and 25 of the Gameplan Workbook
  3. Make a list of actions that will produce growth. What are the three income producing activities?

Other resources mentioned:

  • Find your color personality and resources for understanding and motivating your leaders here.
  • Get the color personality book “Full Spectrum Success” by Platinum leaders Jacob and Sarah Adamo HERE.
  • Write out what success looks like for you. What would you do with a Royal Crown Diamond income? Can you see it for your family? What does freedom look like for you?
  • Set the date for your next class TODAY
  • If you haven’t already, choose a personal development resource from those listed in the book and workbook and start investing in yourself
  • Review the resources in the Appendixes and check out the Appendix video (it’s a bonus video after this one.)

Gameplan Audible Version: Do you know there’s a totally different way to allow Gameplan to train your brain? One of the things Sarah does to reward her leaders that work through Gameplan is to gift the audible Gameplan book upon completion, or when they Train 2 to Train 2. When you listen to the book in audio format, you’re training a completely different part of your brain. You will learn things you never caught the first time around doing it visually. Plus, Sarah has been a radio network news anchor for 22 years in Chicago and New York—and it’s her soothing voice on the recording. Allow her to whisper in your ear and train you herself. You can listen on your cell phone!

What now?

Now it’s time to take a step from the learner to the leader. You do that by training 2 to train 2. It’s not as tough as it seems—because Gameplan does all the work for you. Give your budding leader the book and workbook, lead them to the 12 free bootcamp videos, and be an accountability partner as they work through. Ask leading questions each day like ‘what are your excuses?’ ‘What is your biggest distraction’, etc… and be there to check in that the reading and workbook are done. When they are done, incentivize them to train 2 to train 2.

If you can train 2 to train 2 just 12 times… if you lead just 12 bootcamps with new people each month, and they duplicate what they have seen, you’ll have an organization of 531,000 people and be a Royal Crown Diamond in 1 year. It’s all in the duplication.

What would happen to your business if you truly committed 1 year of your life to it? What if you taught 4-6 classes a month for a year, talked to the people that came to class at the end of every month and built relationships and trained a lifestyle for essential rewards, and trained 2 to train 2 every month for a year to build leaders? You would blow up your OGV. Commit to the Gameplan challenge for a year and see where it takes you. Give it twelve months. You’ll have a completely different definition of freedom one year from now.

Do you have it in you? Do you have what it takes? It’s Gameplan time!

Don’t miss the last video! Check out the liquid gold of Gameplan by watching the bonus Appendixes video HERE.


Gameplan Bootcamp Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of the 12-day Gameplan Bootcamp!

(Chapter 21) Attracting and Motivating Leaders + (Chapter 22) How to Pray Over Your Business

Gameplan Bootcamp Day 11

Posted by Oil Ability with Sarah Harnisch on Friday, July 27, 2018

Oils of the training: White Angelica, Oola Faith, Oola Field, Palo Santo—Gary’s oil for praying. Sacred Mountain, where Gary would retreat when he needed to think things out. God’s country, he called it.

“Whenever you’re using a tool, you don’t have to be the expert.” – Sarah Harnisch

“The single most important thing you can commit to do for your business every day is to pray over it.” – Sarah Harnisch

“Be so busy teaching that you don’t have time to notice the no’s. If you can’t find leaders, you have not taught enough classes to find them yet.” -Sarah Harnisch

Today’s training will equip you to attract, motivate, and raise up leaders on your teams! Plus, Sarah announces the updated version of the Audio 101 class, then she explains the Gameplan System in detail. This is an extra special bootcamp video in which Sarah shares the real secret behind her team’s raging success!


  1. Read Chapters Twenty-One and Twenty-Two of Gameplan
  2. Complete Chapters 21 and 22 of the Gameplan Workbook
  3. Practice the teacher training in Appendix J of Gameplan (then try it out on someone! The best way to learn is to teach.)
  4. Start a prayer journal (you can find one in the Gameplanner!)
  5. Begin praying specifically for your business and your team, starting tonight
  6. Rent/buy the War Room movie and watch it.

Other resources mentioned: